Value Added: The Holistic Approach to School

There is no more noble or worthwhile endeavor than to teach youthful minds and to share with them the mysteries revealed by history’s great thinkers; than to assist the youthful body to be strong and healthy in order to negotiate the physical challenges of life; than to shape the youthful spirit into a powerful force of faith dedicated to helping those unable to help themselves. An educator that fails to recognize the triune nature of students and the need to integrate fully the mind, body, and spirit through a holistic educational process, fails to grasp the true essence of education.

The assertion above has served as my statement of educational philosophy for several years and has caused me to value even more greatly the work of independent schools. It is the insistence on developing the mind, body, and spirit of children that makes independent school education the most outstanding educational opportunity in the world. Not only is this holistic approach correct, it provides one of the greatest values that a school can offer its community. As independent school leaders seek to examine and market the “value proposition” for their schools, this understanding of the need to develop mind, body, and spirit remains important and persuasive to parents. It indeed is what independent schools do better than any other segment of education and it certainly is what children need.

I encourage you to promote unashamedly this value in every way possible.

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