Special Message for Colleagues

The world is full of stories. Some more compelling than others, yet all around us are stories of people living out their lives in a variety of circumstances. From time to time one of these stories so compels us that that we find ourselves drawn into its pages. On very rare occasions you are honored to find that you have been written into the story; occasions when it is impossible to contemplate the story unfolding naturally without you in it. What occurs on these occasions is what I refer to as a call. Furthermore, as a person of faith I believe that such a call is influenced by the divine.

Many of you have heard by now that the 2014-15 school year will be my last year serving as President of SAIS. Next summer Rhonda and I will relocate to Honduras to serve alongside the dedicated professionals in the schools of the Episcopal Diocese of Honduras, where I will serve as the Superintendent of Schools. This is an opportunity to support and serve outstanding educators and schools as they prepare Honduran youth for future leadership in their nation.

Honduras is a country where economic resources are limited and many social problems exist, yet it is also a nation of great opportunity; opportunity that will only be realized through education. Under the leadership of its Bishop, The Rt. Rev. Lloyd Allen, the Episcopal Diocese of Honduras is impacting the nation in a profound way and its schools are a major part of that impact. I have been fortunate to travel the world, as a student of schools and education systems, and I can honestly say that I have not encountered a group of schools that have such an opportunity to change their nation as these 7 bi-lingual and 4 specialized schools of the Honduras Diocese. Rhonda and I are honored to be called to serve with our colleagues there.

Words fail me as I try to communicate how fortunate I feel to be the President of SAIS and to have the opportunity to serve and work with some of the finest schools and educators in the world. What an honor it has been learning about your schools, hearing your stories, meeting your children, and providing support for your efforts. While leading SAIS, I have developed tremendously as a person and as a professional and I hope that my efforts have helped the association and the schools we serve to grow as much as I have.

Although I still feel in the midst of my professional prime, I believe strongly that opportunities such as we have to serve in Honduras should be undertaken while in one’s prime and not simply relegated to the left overs. Therefore, the great difficulty of leaving such a wonderful opportunity as President of SAIS is mitigated by an intense belief that it is time for us to accept our next assignment. It is a special occurrence for a person to experience a call and Rhonda and I feel honored to embark on our future service.

Just as this will be a new chapter in my life, I believe that SAIS is well positioned for its next chapter. I trust that its best years are still before it. Over the next year, I will continue working as diligently as I can to help SAIS become one of the leading independent school associations in the world. To all of the dedicated professionals in SAIS schools, I offer my sincere thank you for the amazing opportunity to serve as your association President and for the support that you have given me during my tenure. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at SAIS events and in your schools over the coming months.

Steve Robinson

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