Why Episcopal Schools Matter in Honduras

The Episcopal Bilingual Schools of Honduras are empowering Honduran youth to Improve both their own prospects and those of their country. The Honduran people dream of creating a vibrant, strong sustainable culture, one that would support positive contributions to Latin America and to the entire world Yet in the past, well-intentioned missionaries and service teams have unwittingly created a state of dependency in those they served in Honduras by only providing resources and services while neglecting to foster self-sufficiency.

Over the past several decades, the hopelessness felt by many Latin Americans has prompted them to travel to other countries, reluctantly leaving their families behind, to pursue a better opportunities. A much better solution to their hopelessness is being empowered to make changes in the circumstances of their own lives and nation. The Episcopal Diocese of Honduras is committed to transforming the Honduran people’s sense of dependency and to a belief in their ability to create strong families, churches and businesses that will allow the nation to flourish.

This is obviously not an easy task for a country with one of the highest poverty rates in the Western Hemisphere, where citizens struggle to meet their basic needs in circumstances made even more challenging by gang violence and corruption. However, schools have the potential to empower the youth to build a better future. Furthermore, it is the high-quality faith-based schools that have the best opportunity to reshape a nation through the development of the whole student; mind, body, and spirit.

Following graduation from high school and or college, the approximately 1800 Hondurans enrolled in the seven Episcopal Bilingual Schools of Honduras will raise families, grow businesses, and lead Honduras in the reforms necessary to rise above the poverty and despair that is currently experienced by so many. Unlike many international and American schools in Latin America, in Honduras virtually all Episcopal Bilingual School graduates will continue to live in Honduras.

These schools offer hope, not just for Honduras but for the Americas and the world. As a nation of high geopolitical importance to the United States, it is essential that efforts be made to develop and support rigorous, faith-based education in Honduras. Moreover, it is my opinion that no group of schools have the potential to impact Honduras as do the Episcopal Bilingual Schools.

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